Buy renewable energy certificates (Business)

You can buy Renewable Energy Certificates to support renewable energy in Hong Kong and qualify for emission reduction benefits.

Take a Stand for a Greener Tomorrow  

Renewable energy is critical to combating climate change, and your support is crucial. CLP Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) offer you a simple and flexible option to support clean energy generation. They also help you achieve your sustainability goals. Each unit of REC represents the environmental attributes of electricity produced by local renewable energy sources. These sources include solar power, wind power, and landfill gas projects, generated or purchased by CLP.  

With one small step, you can play your part in making Hong Kong a greener, smarter city. Act now.  

Multiple benefits of RECs

Support renewable energy in Hong Kong 

RECs are an easy, alternative way to support green energy apart from installing a renewable energy system on your premises. With RECs, you can declare you are using renewable energy of your business. 

Qualify for the right to claim emission reduction benefits 

You can claim the benefits of reducing your company’s carbon footprint associated with electricity generated from renewable energy sources. 

Enhance your corporate image

Our RECs meet the RE100, CDP (formerly Carbon Disclosure Project) and ESG reporting requirements*. Your company can fulfil the commitment on international business green energy initiatives and contribute to the corporate social responsibility. 

* Valid in Scope 2 of The Greenhouse Gas Protocol, A Corporate Accounting and Reporting Standard from the World Resources Institute (WRI)/World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD).

Success stories and promotions

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Hang Seng Bank

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Characteristics of RECs

The renewable energy represented by RECs comes from new projects connected to the CLP grid. This means they support continuing expansion of Hong Kong’s renewable energy resources. 

RECs represent energy from renewable energy systems within our grid. Most of the energy are generated within a 25km radius of the point of consumption. 

We can provide a 24/7 clean energy mix for businesses seeking constant clean energy consumption. Our renewable energy portfolio consists of solar and wind power and energy from landfill gas. 

Who may apply

As a business customer, you can buy RECs. 


The unit price of renewable electricity is based on the price published on our website at the time of purchase or as announced by CLP from time to time. A unit of REC is HK$0.5 for a minimum purchase of 100 units. 

CLP offers a variety of purchasing options for business customers. You might contact our account managers for details. 

How to buy

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