Retro-commissioning Charter Programme

We provide practical retro-commissioning training to improve the energy efficiency in your building.

About this programme 

Retro-commissioning (RCx) is a cost-effective way to optimise a building’s operational performance without the need to replace existing equipment. It is a relatively low-cost investment with shorter payback periods.

The CLP Retro-Commissioning (RCx) Charter Programme has been popular with customers since it was launched last year. In view of the overwhelming response, we are running an Advanced Training Course for energy management teams with basic RCx knowledge to further upgrade their skills and help businesses achieve low-carbon transformation in a cost-effective way.

Features of the Advanced Training Course:

  • A two-day in-depth theoretical and practical training together with on-site evaluation
  • Comprehensive coverage of technical skills and knowledge, including data analysis, system diagnosis, measurement and verification
  • Qualification as RCx Professional for participants who successfully complete the training course and pass an assessment 


Reduce Consumption & Costs

By implementing RCx, you can identify hidden opportunities to save energy and costs in buildings. Eligible RCx projects will be subsidised by the Eco Building Fund to further help shorten the investment payback period*.

*The subsidy amount is up to 100% of the total project cost, depending on the estimated annual energy saving. 

Equip Your Team with RCx Expertise

A tailored RCx training course with our full sponsorship will be offered to a maximum of three energy management staff nominated from your organisation.

Build a Positive Corporate Image

Your organisation can fulfil the corporate and social responsibility and take part in regular RCx promotional activities.


Existing Participating Organisations may apply if

  • Your building conducted an energy audit within three years prior to the date of submission, and
  • You have a twelve-month energy saving plan with proposed RCx solution.

New Participating Organisations may apply if

  • You are the owner, tenant, property management company or other representative of the building’s owner, and
  • Your building has the potential for energy saving through RCx, and
  • At least one staff member from your energy management team shall hold the certificate of attendance for the Retro-Commissioning (RCx) Training for RCx Practitioner (Level 2), issued by the Hong Kong Green Building Council, and
  • Your building conducted an energy audit within three years prior to the date of submission.

How to apply

In view of the overwhelming response, the RCx charter programme is now closed for registration.


For programme details in 2024 will be announced later.

What happens next

The programme will run from now on to 31 December 2023 and will consist of the following phases:


We encourage your organisation to participate in the programme and meet robust energy-saving targets by actively adopting green practices in your operations. 


We provide a two-day professional training course for your team to enhance their advanced RCx knowledge and skills.


After completing the training course, you can apply to the CLP Eco Building Fund for help implementing RCx projects to achieve your business’s energy-saving targets.

More information 

You may email to [email protected] for enquiry. If you are a Bulk Tariff or Large Power Tariff customer, you may contact us through your account manager. 

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