Smart Energy Services

We customize a series of energy services for business customers to enhance your energy efficiency and save energy smartly.

Energy Audit Service

Use our free energy audit service to identify energy management opportunities.

Eco Building Fund

Apply for a subsidy for energy-saving improvement works in communal areas of your buildings.

Electrical Equipment Upgrade Scheme

Apply for a subsidy to install or upgrade to more energy-efficient equipment for your business.

Smart Energy Online

Use data-driven analyses to optimise your business operations and energy efficiency.

Data Centre Services

Offer user-friendly one-stop solutions for setting up data centres in Hong Kong.

Power Quality

Understand the causes and impact of power quality issues, and how you can deal with them.

Smart Energy eNewsletter

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Business e-Buddies

We help your business take advantage of the power of digitalisation to manage electricity account, so you can focus on your business while helping the environment.