A Diverse, Equal and Inclusive Environment

To become a Utility of the Future, we recognise the importance of embracing individuals with diverse backgrounds, experiences and perspectives.

We believe the power of diversity lies in creating the right environment and conditions for all to reach their full potential – that is CLP’s promise. 


Towards increased diversity to attract the right talent 

We strive to make CLP a welcoming workplace, where all kinds of people can bring in creative minds and do their best work here. 

Let's see what they say!

"Put it simply, diversity matters at CLP. We encourage all our people to feel respected and valued. This is how high-performing teams are made!“ 

" To become a "Utility of the Future", we strive to use different backgrounds and experiences to build a future talent pool.”

"We set aspirational targets for women in leadership and engineering fields. Our fair hiring practices ensure we select the best person for the job.”  

" Being a female engineer is awesome! We inspire women from a young age to pursue careers in engineering.”

"We provide work environments that are free of harassment and inequity. Amazing to be part of this CLP family!”

" At CLP, we’ve networking, mentoring and development activities. These encourage more women to take up engineering and technical roles to build their career.” 

How we bring diversity to life

Founding Signatories in Hong Kong’s Racial Diversity & Inclusion Charter

Groupwide targets for women in leadership and engineering

Active monitoring of gender pay equity

Fair and non-discriminatory recruitment process

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