Dance Competition

The final competition was organised on 25 September 2022 to conclude the CLP We Love Dance programme, where eight teams of talented dancers selected from 50 entrants took to the floor their dance moves designed around themes of love, electricity and energy saving in a show of creativity and vigour. ​

CLP We Love Dance – Dance Competition Awards List​

  • Champion: Girls Effect
  • First Runner-up: Jungalow
  • Second Runner-up: BLOOM SWAGGERS
  • Merits: Elite Crew, 3-IN-ONE
  • Best Choreography Award: Girls Effect
  • Most Creative Award: Elite Crew
  • Best Costume Award: Girls Effect
  • Most Powerful Award: Jungalow

  • Champion: Rockz Elements
  • First Runner-up: Dancing-life
  • Second Runner-up: 5G1B
  • Best Choreography Award: Rockz Elements
  • Most Creative Award: Rockz Elements
  • Best Costume Award: Rockz Elements
  • Most Powerful Award: Rockz Elements

Event highlights​

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