Eco Rewards E-Coupon

Know more about the redemption process of Eco Rewards E-coupon.

Step 1: Download Mobile App

Download “CLP HK” App from App Store or Google Play.

Step 2: Login

Step 3: Select Smart Shopping

1) Select "Smart Shopping" after login.

2) Select the circled icon to review "Order History" and "E-Coupon List".

View Physical store e-Coupon

1) Select "E-coupon List".

2) Select "Available" button to view the available E-Coupon for redemption. Click "View Voucher".

3) Read the Terms and Conditions after selecting the available e-Coupon.

4) Customer should complete the redemption by following the details stated in the Terms and Conditions.

View Online store e-Coupon

1) Select "E-coupon List".

2) Select "Available" button and click "Reveal Code" to display code.

3) Click "Use Now" button, which will redirect you to the merchant site and enjoy your offer. Coupon will be saved at "Revealed coupom" page.

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