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Howz is a smart home package that helps you care for your loved ones.

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Howz Home Care Kit, Caring your Loved Ones 24/7

No Camera installed to respect your privacy. Instead, utilise movement detection, energy usage, and door/window opening detection for remote monitoring, data analysis and abnormality notification.

Howz Home Care Kit, Caring your Loved Ones 24/7

Real-time report on daily activity with data analytic on abnormality & trends

howz home care kit daily activitiy interface
(Applicable on mobile App)

Howz App is available in App Store and Google Play

  • Real-time Activity Log
  • Weekly Activity Summary
  • Daily Summary in the past 7 days
(Applicable on Howz website)

User Story (Chinese version only)

Wendy uses Howz to remotely monitor her father's daily routine. One day, she noticed an abnormality via Howz App at late night, she immediately contacted her father to ensure his safety. Let's check our her story!

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You’ll start seeing activity on the app straight away. After about 7 days the app will have learnt your loved one’s routine and will recommend alerts for you.

If you are interested in this product, please visit our smart shopping website and CLP customer service center for purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions

Howz has been developed with and for older people who are living independently whilst giving their families peace of mind. Some of our customers use Howz for their own use, learning about routine and using the information to support conversations with their health teams and care network.

Yes, all personable identifiable information is stored securely, with encryption. Howz are registered with UK Information Commissioners Office and comply with all principles of data protection. All staff are trained in confidentiality and information security.

Not at all. Anyone can buy Howz Home Care Kit from CLP.

Howz will detect lack of movement that doesn't fit with normal routine. This may detect if someone has been immobile for a longer than expected time, but not whether this is due to a fall. If you are very concerned about falls it is recommended that you seek out a specific falls detection device.

Yes. Howz has been designed as a simple self-install system. The sensors are all wireless and are attached with adhesive pads supplied with your kit. Once these are all set up, all you need to do is create an account on or through the app and set up who you want your alerts sent to. If you need advice, more help, or if self-installation isn't possible please contact the Howz team at [email protected] and they will discuss other options with you.

The Howz sensors detect activity and send this to the gateway which is connected to the internet. Howz receive that information and then share it back to you directly via the app or website. They also carry out analysis on the information to identify routine, set the alerts to detect changes, and monitor for long term change.

The kit includes a home hub and 3 sensors, one door, one motion, and one smart plug. Howz have found this to be the ideal combination to get started with. Howz can learn routine from this number of discreet sensors which means it doesn't feel intrusive. More sensors can be added if required via Howz.

You and your family can start monitoring activity straight away via the app or website. After 7 full days of activity Howz will contact you to tell you what they have learned about your routine and your alert settings. You control who sees your information and responses to any notifications.

Your first 12 months of subscription is included. After purchase of the Howz Home Care Kit, you just need to install Howz app and you will receive the instructions on how to set up the Howz service. If you would like to continue the service after 12-month inclusive service, Howz will charge not more than GBP 9 per month and contact you for subscription procedures.

Still have questions? Please contact Howz on [email protected] or CLP service hotline via 2678 2626.