Latest updates

We listen to your feedback to enhance our web and app with what you need.  We are pleased to bring you the following updates. Besides, you can find the answer to the most asked questions of the month here. Come back anytime to check for our latest news! 

Commonly asked questions

1. Why all my Eco Points disappeared?

With the launch of Domeo rewards platform, we will be replacing our Eco Points with Domeo Points with effective from 1 March 2023

Don't worry. Your points are still here in the system until 31 August 2023. Please complete the 2 steps below. Your Eco Points will automatically be converted to Domeo Points in 1:1 ratio and transferred to your Domeo account.

  • Register a Domeo account on Domeo website
  • Link your electricity account to your Domeo account.

Act now or else all your Eco Points earned previously with your CLP account will be forfeited on 1 September 2023.

For details of the programme, please refer to the page Upgrade of rewards programme and redemption experience.


Web & App enhancement

Seamless log in experience (Jan 2023)

In order to provide a more pleasant log in experience, we have added 2 new features on our web and app: 

  1. Express log in - You do not need to remember how you log in last time or any password. Once you have bound your online account with your mobile or email and use either method to log in once, the system will automatically remember your selection. Just input the one-time password (OTP) and it is done.
  2. Biometric ID log in - Data shows that it is one of the most popular log in methods. That's why we have put it in a more prominent position that you can see it when you log in.

Talk with Karen, our chatbot (Jan 2023)

Our chatbot Karen has unlocked new skills! Log in with your CLP app, try asking her questions about your bill and payment due date. She can also guide you through the payment process. Chat with our agent online by selecting or typing ‘live chat’ if you need further support. 

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