Government subsidies (Business)

Find out about government subsidies pertaining to business customers. 

About the scheme

The Hong Kong Government has announced the provision of subsidies for business customers on 4 December 2019. This provision aims to:

  • Combat the consequences of a challenging economic environment
  • Ease operating pressures and financial burdens on small and medium enterprises
Subsidy Period
Subsidy Amount

1st round: March to June 2020


2nd round: July to October 2020 

(extended from the original 4 months in light of the coronavirus pandemic)

75% of billed charges based on electricity consumption, subject to a cap of $5,000 per month 

From March to October 2020, the subsidy will be provided to all registered business electricity accounts. Accounts must have opened on or before 3 December 2019 to qualify. This government subsidy is only entitled to one account per month per address. 


“Business electricity accounts” refer to our non-residential tariff classification. Accounts under “bulk tariff” and “large power tariff” do not belong in this tariff charging category. Hence, such accounts will not benefit from this scheme.

How to grant

All subsidies will directly offset the electricity charges payable on your electricity bill and will not be paid in or exchanged for cash. There is no need to apply for this subsidy.

Frequently asked questions

If your electricity account pertains to a leased unit, your rental agreement should indicate who takes advantage of the subsidy. If you are unsure of the nature of your rental agreement, please consult your landlord.

If, for reasons such as relocation, closure of business or change of account ownership, an eligible account is terminated during the scheme period, even if the last bill covers less than a full month, the account can still get the subsidy in proportion to the number of eligible days. 

Yes, minimum charge bills are also eligible for the subsidy.

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