The Smart Energy Award 2021 programme

The judging process of the Smart Energy Award 2021 programme has been completed. Winners will be announced in the fourth quarter of the year.

By signing up for this programme, businesses and organisations can improve their energy efficiency and significantly reduce operating expenses. All participants will be presented with a certificate and outstanding performers will be honoured for their contributions to energy management and the use of renewable energy and smart technology at an awards ceremony. We encourage every business and organisation to participate in the programme and improve their energy-saving performance.

Smart Technology Award

Energy Saving Performance Award

Peak Demand Management Award

Renewable Energy Award

Awards were given in four categories – Energy Saving Performance, Peak Demand Management, Renewable Energy, and Smart Technology. This year, both winners and their nominated partners or vendors in the categories of Energy Saving Performance and Smart Technology will receive a trophy in an initiative.

Awarded organisations' details

Judging & Supporting Organisations:


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