Smart Energy Award 2018

The Smart Energy Award (SEA) 2018 is developed to recognise leadership from respective trades and companies including government, commercial organisations, NGOs and SMEs in the shift toward a smarter and greener energy environment.

As a successor to the ex-Green Plus Award, which was awarded to outstanding energy saving performed organisations based on trades since 2011, the new SEA focuses on real-life applications of (a) energy efficiency & conservation (EE&C) and (b) technologies for smart energy management offering a blueprint for the respective industry partners and peers to follow. By assessing the applicable insights, solution, leadership and integration of technological innovation, it is our endeavour that the award sparks real and influential change within the local retail and various industries.

The award is now calling for enrolment. Categories include:

A) Energy Savings

B) Peak Demand Management

C) Renewable Energy Connections

D) Smart Energy Management

Nominations will be closed by 30 June 2018, the SEA Winners are to be selected in July 2018 by a Judging panel comprising industry experts, Commerce Chamber and leading SME organisation leaders, as well as representatives from professional societies, associations, and institutions.

Below are some videos from Hong Kong major chambers, showing their support to the programme and calling for recruitment.

Act FAST!  Customers with outstanding performance in the above categories are highly encouraged to submit and showcase their efforts and contributions. Short listed applicants will be awarded with trophy and certificates of appreciation.

Smart Energy Award 2018 Programme:


With the prize presentation ceremony held on 6 November 2017, the sixth GREENPLUS Award Programme marked another success. After a series of shortlist processes, on-site inspections and interviews, 46 winning businesses and organisations were awarded from a record high of more than 7,000 entrants.

Snapshot Video

Awarded organisations' details (booklets, video & radio clips):Click here

The opening ceremony of this grand event was officiated by CLP Power Managing Director Mr Chiang Tung Keung, Permanent Secretary for Commerce and Economic Development (Commerce, Industry and Tourism) of the Government of the Hong Kong SAR Mr Philip Yung, CLP Power Chief Corporate Development Officer Ms Quince Chong and other distinguished guests.

A special Smart Business Energy Saving Award was presented this year to outstanding businesses and organisations for their enthusiasm in introducing green thinking and smart technology to improve their operational and energy efficiency.

A number of booths were set up at the ceremony to showcase smart energy saving solutions from the winning entries. The booths included Hong Kong's first green food truck, an energy efficient data centre, and a residential estate implementing smart energy management solution in its clubhouse. The adoption of smart technology allows users to monitor electricity consumption data around the clock, and optimise their energy use by conducting data analysis and implementing energy management solutions. The green food truck not only installed with smart energy management system, but also had solar panels installed on its roof with power expertise advice from CLP Power, supplying the cooling fans with solar energy and allowing customers to recharge their mobile phones while enjoying food from the truck.


During application period, the chairmen/presidents of Hong Kong major commerce chambers showed their support to the programme at application recruitment videos.

Judging & Supporting Organisations:

The following is a list of the awarded organisations:

Smart Business Energy Saving Award

Civil Aviation Department

Hong Kong Aircraft Engineering Company Limited

McDonald's Hong Kong

Royal Elite Services Company Limited - Aria


Gold Award

Silver Award

Bronze Award

Retail & Service – Chain Store

A-1 Bakery Co., (HK) Limited

Saint Honore Cake Shop Limited

Hong Kong Broadband Network Limited

Catering – Traditional Cuisine

Pat Chun

S.H.Y. Dance Cafe Limited

Islam Food

Catering –

Fusion Cuisine


Hung's Delicacies

King of Sheng Jian

Public Organisation & Utility

Airport Authority Hong Kong

Princess Margaret Hospital

St. Teresa’s Hospital

Property Management – Residential

Royal Elite Services Company Limited - Aria

Goodwell Property Management Limited - Jubilee Garden

Citybase Property Management Limited - The Beaumount

Property Management – Industrial & Commercial

Link Asset Management Limited

Kai Shing Management Services Limited - apm

MTR Corporation Limited - Telford Plaza


Vita Green Health Products Co. Ltd.

Green Island Cement Company Limited

New China Laundry Limited


NTT Communications

Equinix Hong Kong Limited

Digital Savvis Investment Management HK Limited

Small and Medium Enterprise

Sailing Boat Catering Group Limited

Cherry Bakery Cake Shop (Hong Kong) Limited

Social Welfare Organisation & School

Chinese YMCA of Hong Kong

Ying Wa Primary School

The Neighbourhood Advice - Action Council Healthy Manor

Joint Energy Saving Award


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