Power Quality Workshop - CLP

Join our workshop to learn more about power quality issues and how customers can reduce their impact.

Voltage dips and harmonic distortions are 2 major power quality issues. To share our knowledges with customers, we established a Power Quality Workshop to:

  • Illustrate the causes and impact of power quality issues; and
  • Demonstrate practical measures that customers may adopt to mitigate power quality issues.

Who may join

Public sectors, utilities, industrial and commerical clients, consultants, contractors, suppliers, Building Management Office (BMO), education / professional institutions, etc.

How to join 

Contact our Account Manager / Regional Relations Manager to join the workshop.

What to expect

Greeting Theatre

Watch an introduction video on CLP’s key milestones and its commitment to Hong Kong’s growth. Equipped with a 150° projection screen, the theatre can house 20 visitors at a time.

Power system model

Get an overview of our power supply system through our power system model. 

Fault clearance exhibit

  • Learn the major sources of power disturbances, and how faults are cleared within our power system. 
  • Gain an in-depth understanding of our protection system by participating in an onsite game.

Mitigation solutions for voltage dips

Learn how voltage dips can cause tripping of residential building’s main incomer through our tripping of building’s main switch model. 

Learn cost-effective mitigation solutions to alleviate tripping of residential building’s main incomer under voltage dips.

Mitigation solutions for Harmonic Distortions

Learn how a harmonic filter can help customers to reduce the impact of harmonic distortions.

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