Payment alert and eReceipt (Residential)

Turn on payment alert and eReceipt for greater peace of mind in managing your account dues.


Payment alert reminds you to make your payment 2 days prior to your due date. You can take advantage of this service if you are not settling your bills via Credit Card Autopay.

eReceipt provides you with confirmation upon every successful payment. You can receive the eReceipt by email if you settle the bills via:

  • Bank Autopay
  • Credit Card Autopay
  • Cheque by Mail
  • Cheque Deposit Machine
  • PPS

How to enable

1. Log in to your CLP online account.

2. Click “Profile”.

3. Click “Notification settings”.

4. Under “Channel”, you can choose your preferred notification methods:

  • CLP app notifications
  • Email
  • SMS

Note: eReceipt will be sent by email only.


5. Under “Billing and Payment Alert”, you can:

  • Sign up for eBill via ‘eBill Notification
  • Turn on ‘Payment alert
  • Turn on ‘eReceipt
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