Embrace Induction Cooking for a Better Lifestyle

All-Electric Cooking

More and more households are using induction cookers nowadays, which are suitable for daily cooking. CLP has always supported low carbon, environmentally friendly and electric cooking. With an induction cooker, you can reduce energy costs, your carbon footprint and simultaneously create delicious dishes for your family members.

5 Benefits of using an Induction Cooker 

Energy Saving

Induction cookers directly heat the bottom of the pot or wok , so the heat energy is not lost to the surrounding area which allows for a faster cooking time and a better kitchen environment with a temperature of 4 to 5℃ lower than that of a typical kitchen. This results in increased energy efficiency and reduced carbon emissions.

Easy to Clean

Induction cookers produce less oil fumes and lower-carbon emissions, making the stove surface easy to clean.  It can be cleaned through a simple wipe, therefore saving water and cleaning agents and helping to protect the environment.

Safe and Reliable

Some models of induction cookers are equipped with a timer.  If the cooking time is set, the induction cooker will automatically turn off, preventing overcooking and nutrient loss, making cooking safer and more reliable.

Powerful Cooker

By using induction cookers, we can easily prepare various dishes with great “Wok Hei”. Since induction cookers transmit heat evenly and quickly, cooking time can be shortened, while the flavour and taste of food remains the same. In addition, the cooking power and temperature can be accurately adjusted, making it easy to create a perfect dish.

Designed with style and space-saving

The appearance of induction cooker is usually compact in size and designed with style. When the stove is not in use, it can be used as a work surface, utilising kitchen space while also reducing carbon emissions and being environmentally friendly. 


Induction cookers are reliable partners for cooking and with the above benefits, you can always create delicious dishes of different cooking styles! Not to mention the multiplying impact of all-electric kitchen when coupled with power of small appliances.  Please visit “Domeo” online shopping platform to purchase an Induction Cooker now.


More, stay tuned with our Love Cooking.Love IC 電磁爐 - bringing you different cooking demonstrations and recipes, and we hope you can enjoy the fun of cooking!  


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