Choose a Window Split Type Air Conditioner That Is Cool and Quiet

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Summer time is back and that it is time to beat the heat! Join us as we guide you on how to choose an air conditioner that is both energy-efficient and cool to your place in sizzling summer weather.


Hong Kongers most commonly use window type air conditioners, with a key benefit being simple installation. However, window type air conditioners can be fairly loud because the air conditioning compressor is installed inside the machine.


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A split type air conditioner is an alternative option. The heat exchanger coil runs through two parts: the indoor unit is responsible for heat exchange and the outdoor unit handles the cooling part.


However, the cost of installing and repairing split type air conditioners are high. Its installation cost may be similar with the average cost for a window air conditioner. Major costs include workers’ wages and expenses of scaffolding. All the costs are taken into account when making a decision.


To cater for the needs of Hong Kongers, many suppliers have launched the window split type air conditioners. They are compact and can be directly installed on top of the air conditioner platform. Installation can be completed without any scaffolding required.


Match Air Conditioning to Your Room Size

The larger space you have, the higher horsepower you need for the air conditioners. There are a few things you need to be aware of.


The level of horse power you need is also determined by the location of your apartment. West facing apartments, or on higher floors may require a higher horse power air-conditioner because the apartments are naturally hotter.


Installation safety and energy-saving tips

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The Consumer Council offers a few tips on how to stay cool while saving money:


  1. Avoid installing the air conditioners that expose to direct sunlight

  2. Lower room temperature by rolling down the blinds. Close room doors and windows to prevent cold air from escaping during air conditioner use.

  3. Save power by using a fan to distribute air evenly throughout the room

  4. Pre-set shutdown time to save energy when not in use

  5. Wash the dust net, inlet and outlet every two weeks

Finally, make sure the installation cost is included in the retail price when purchasing a new air conditioner. Confirm with the store as some models may require an extra installation fee.


If you’d like to know what other models of single split type air conditioners are available, come to a CLP store or visit our online shop. Once you’ve chosen one that you like, you can book one of our experts to install the air conditioning unit for you.

Call the Energy Efficiency (Product and Service) Hotline at 2678 2626 and learn more.


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