Energy saving of using air conditioner

Energy saving of using air conditioner: Test the effectiveness of air conditioners Video


Three easy steps

1. Measure the room temperature before turning on the air conditioner

2. Set the air conditioner to the lowest temperature and run for 3 minutes

3. Measure the air outlet temperature


Room temperature (Step 1) - air outlet temperature (Step 3) = >8°C, the air conditioner is in good condition


Energy saving of using air conditioner: Choose an energy-efficient air conditioner Video


Three easy steps

1. Choose the right size of air-conditioner, the Horse Power (HP), according to the room area: There are two types of air-conditioner can be chosen, window type or split type.  For a room size around 80-100 feet, a 1-hp air conditioner is sufficient while 1.5-hp is more appropriate if the room is facing direct sunlight.

2. Inverter air-conditioners vs non-inverter air-conditioners:

Inverter air-conditioner can automatically adjust its compressor rotation speed according to the room temperature and vary its cooling power, hence reduce energy consumption.  In contrast to inverter air-conditioner, the conventional one with non-inverter requires more energy to maintain the high compressor rotation speed, more energy consumed.

3. Choose the most energy efficient model by referring to the Energy Label.  There is approximately 23% energy saving for Grade 1 air conditioners (cooling only type) against Grade 3 air conditioners (cooling only type) and 43% energy saving for Grade 1 air conditioners (cooling only type) against Grade 5 air conditioners (cooling only type).


Energy saving of using air conditioner: Energy saving action Video


1. Turn on the Fan before turning on the air conditioner as the power consumption of fan is much lower than air conditioner.

2. 3% energy saving can be obtained by increasing one degree of air conditioner temperature

3. To extend the life of air conditioner, clean the air filter regularly

4. Use artificial intelligence devices to adjust the air conditioner temperature automatically, such as Ambi Climate, to create a more comfortable environment and save energy


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