Peak Demand Management

Bulk Tariff or Large Power Tariff customers can join Peak Demand Management to reduce your energy usage during peak demand hours to earn rebates.

About this programme

This programme encourages business customers to reduce their consumption during peak demand hours. Peak demand hours are periods when electricity demand is at its highest. You can reduce your consumption by: 

  • Cutting your demand during peak hours; or
  • Shifting your demand from peak hours to off-peak hours.

You can earn rebates when you participate in Peak Demand Management (PDM) events. PDM events are usually held up to 4 hours, between 11:00am and 10:00pm.


To join this programme, you are: 

If you are a Non-Residential Tariff customer, you are welcome to apply. Your application will be considered on a case-by-case basis. 


By participating in this programme, you can: 

  • Earn rebates while helping the environment;
  • Learn feasible demand reduction options; and
  • Achieve your environmental conservation goals. 

You can use your rebates to offset your electricity bills by default. The incentive rates depend on the notification lead time for each event:

Notification lead time
Incentive rates (per kWh reduction)

≥24 hours before the event 


≥ 4 hours but <24 hours before the event


How to apply

You may apply through online application form.

What happens next

Once you apply for the programme, we will notify you before the start of each PDM event. You should receive an email or SMS that specifies the event’s date and time.

While we hope that you can achieve your target, you will not be penalised if you are unable to do so. 


If you are not able to participate in any event, please notify us in advance.

You may contact your account manager to check your results after each event. 

More information

Please refer to our Important Notes and Terms and Conditions (PDF) or you may email [email protected] for enquiry. If you are a Bulk Tariff or Large Power Tariff customer, you may contact us through your account manager.

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