Application process

Understand the application process and documents required for the Eco Building Fund.

When to apply

The approval process takes about 1 to 3 months. Before awarding your contracts to vendors, you must obtain approval from CLP or the Vetting Committee.  

How to apply

Before you apply for the fund, you should:

  • Identify the scope of your improvement works;
  • Calculate your estimated energy savings; and 
  • Tender your bids at a minimum of two bids or quotations, depending on the project scale. Refer to Section 5.4 of the Guide to Application (PDF) to understand our procurement requirements.

To apply for the CLP Eco Building Fund (EBF), you may complete the Online E-form or submit the Application Form for CLP Eco Building Fund (DOCX) through the following application channels:

Application channels


Complete Online E-form


Email the completed form and required documents to [email protected].


Mail the completed form and required documents to: 

Retail Strategy & Product Portfolio Management

Customer Success & Experience

CLP Power Hong Kong Limited

7/F Shamshuipo Centre,  

215 Fuk Wa Street, 

Sham Shui Po, Kowloon,  

Hong Kong

(Application for CLP Eco Building Fund)

Required documents

You shall at least include the following documents in your application: 

  • Your latest electricity bill;
  • Proof of ownership of the building;
  • Proof of bank account for the funding disbursement by cheque.
  • Proof of the person-in-charge of the project (e.g. minutes of meeting, staff card, name card);
  • Copies of your tendering bids or quotations from prospective suppliers, including a cost breakdown of energy saving parts;
  • (Where applicable) Details of funding from other schemes; and
  • (Where applicable) Your Qualified Service Provider’s certification as a Registered Energy Assessor under the Building Energy Efficiency Ordinance (Cap. 610); and
  • (Where applicable) Your Energy Saving Facilitator’s certification issued by CLP after joining induction course.

For more information on the application process, please refer to the following documents: 

What happens next

Assessing your application 

We will acknowledge receipt of your application. Based on your application, we will either contact you for more information or schedule a pre-installation on-site assessment. 

Getting approved

Once we successfully complete the pre-installation on-site assessment and the application has been vetted by CLP / Vetting Committee, you should receive your application results. You shall return the Funding Agreement with signed and chopped as appropriate to CLP for your approved application.

Starting on your project 

You may award your contracts to vendors once we approve your application. You must complete your project within 24 months of Approval in Principle or Final Funding Approval (whichever is earlier).

Progress monitoring

The applicant is responsible for submitting monthly progress updates to CLP. From time to time, we may also conduct surprise visits to check on your project’s progress.

Reporting project completion

To submit your final claims, you must submit a Completion Report (DOCX) to review your project’s effectiveness. If you engaged a QSP, your Completion Report must be certified by them.

Submitting your claims 

Funding will be disbursed on a reimbursement basis. You must settle your payments before you can claim from the fund. To submit your claims, please submit the Funding Disbursement Form (DOCX) through our application channels. Your submission should include required documents, such as the copies of signed contracts, invoices and receipts.


  • We will conduct a post-installation on-site assessment to verify your claims.
  • To avoid delays in disbursement, please submit your claims early, as we take about 45 working days to process claims.

Receiving your claims

In general, you should receive your claims through a cheque. We will make the cheque payable to the account specified in your application. 

Under special circumstances (e.g. applicant is not the building owner), you may receive your claims through billing credits subject to approval by CLP / Vetting Committee. We will add the billing credits to your building’s electricity account.

More information

Please refer to our Guide to Application (PDF) or read the FAQ.

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