Electrical Equipment Upgrade Scheme

Receive subsidies for energy-efficient equipment

As a business customer, you can obtain subsidy from the Electrical Equipment Upgrade Scheme (EEUS) to install or upgrade energy-efficient lighting or air-conditioning. The EEUS is designed for SME customers in particular.


CLP Power has not authorised, appointed or partnered with any intermediary companies or vendors to sell or install eligible products under Electrical Equipment Upgrade Scheme (EEUS). Applicants are free to select their own vendor to purchase the eligible products under EEUS. Applicants shall follow the requirements stipulated in the Application Guideline to apply for EEUS. CLP will update the Application Guideline from time to time. For details, please visit Bulk Tariff or Large Power Tariff Application Guideline (PDF) or Non-residential Tariff Application Guideline (PDF). 

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