SME Low Carbon Rewards

As an energy partner to SMEs, we understand that additional support is crucial to achieving low-carbon transformation. That's why we provide a range of sustainability support services to help enterprises reduce energy costs and power up their business operations. Furthermore, we are collaborating with different partners to provide fabulous offers to SMEs participating in energy-saving and carbon-reducing initiatives.


By setting up your HKD current or savings deposit account with CLP’s bank autopay through DBS or having successfully applied for CLP eBill service, you can enjoy:

  • Higher interest rate on your new fund deposits to pay electricity bills and other expenses;
  • One CLP Renewable Energy Certificates; and 
  • Additional banking services privileges, allowing you to fully enjoy the advantages from new developing opportunities.

This promotional offer is directly provided by the banks and/or relevant service providers who are collaborating with CLP, and is assisted by CLP for communication purposes only. CLP's role is limited to assisting commercial customers to contact the banks and/or relevant service providers who are collaborating with CLP, and CLP is not an intermediary for the relevant banks and/or service providers. CLP is not responsible for any matters related to the relevant services provided. The relevant services are the responsibility of the banks and/or service providers, not CLP. The banks and/or service providers are fully responsible for all approvals related to their services and all other matters related to their services. Customers should carefully read the information on the relevant services provided by the banks and/or service providers and seek independent advice if necessary.

Reducing carbon footprint starts with digitally managing your electricity account

By switching to CLP eServices, you can manage your account electronically and contribute to environmental protection. 

Low carbon solutions

The energy-saving services and funding schemes offered by CLP help customers to improve energy efficiency and reduce their operating expenses. These schemes also assist businesses in planning green solutions and can provide comprehensive support to meet their daily needs, ensuring a successful low-carbon transition towards sustainability.

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