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CLP is committed to raising awareness of environmental protection among youngsters through a variety of education initiatives that promote energy efficiency and conservation. To inspire the next generation to learn more about these subjects and to explore the possibility of careers in power engineering, CLP launched the Engineer in School (EIS) programme in 2016, providing an array of engaging, interactive activities that give students hands-on experience of power engineering from our experts. 

The theme of Engineer in School 2020/21 is “Explore a New Power Journey”. Aimed at junior secondary students, the programme provides a range of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) activities for students to learn more about climate change and renewable energy. To develop innovative thinking, students are encouraged to adopt ‘hands-on, minds-on’ problem-solving skills and to put low-carbon living into practice.

CLP E-Playground

Located at The Hong Kong Award for Young People Jockey Club Duke of Edinburgh Training Camp in Lam Tsuen, Tai Po, the CLP E-Playground is the first recreational playground about energy, power engineering and environment in Hong Kong. The playground offers a unique education resource for students and members of the public to learn and experience the power journey through a variety of engaging, interactive games.

The playground includes a range of attractions including the Energy Vision Tree, modelled on the famous Lam Tsuen Wishing Tree and incorporating the concepts of solar and wind power, the Ping Pong 360 table tennis game which replicates a natural gas pipeline, the Power Challenge which shows how a hydropower system works, and the Power Fan which is activated by pedal power. These attractions enable visitors to learn about power generation, transmission and supply, as well as the importance of using clean energy.

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