Education and development

Nurturing the next generation for greener and brighter tomorrows through education on energy, engineering and the environment.

What we do

We strongly believe in instilling hope and empowering our communities through education and engagement. Our public education efforts focus on: 

  • Raising awareness on energy conservation, cleaner energy and climate change.
  • Supporting the interests of youths and adults in energy and the engineering.
  • Providing funds and services to support greener schools. 

Covering the entire education pathway

Over the years, we have launched a number of initiatives to cover the entire education pathway, from kindergartens to universities.

POWER YOU Kindergarten Education Kit

Inspire children to protect the environment to combat climate change and promote low-carbon living with comprehensive education kit.

POWER YOU Kindergarten Visitation Programme

Gain basic knowledge of the power journey and energy-saving tips through a visitation by our engineers.

Green Studio and Multi-Purpose Vehicle Educational Tours

Enrol your school or organisation in our interactive multi-media learning experience.

Power Kid Channel

Watch 3D cartoon videos to nurture next generation’s environmental awareness to protect the clear blue sky.

Power Kid Mobile App

Take your children on a journey to adopting low-carbon living by downloading our fun and interactive app.

Green Elites Campus Accreditation Programme

Recognise primary schools that implement activities to promote environmental protection.

Green Elites Portal

Learn how to protect our environment in a fun way through games and interactive content on the Portal. 

Engineer in School Programme

Learn what it’s like to be an engineer through our school talks, interactive STEM workshops and experience tours.

CLP Power Academy Courses

The academy cooperates with four local and overseas universities and one institution to develop professional programmes that integrate theory and practice. 

Low Carbon Energy Education Centre

Visit our education centre at City University to learn the importance of low carbon energy.

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