CLP launched the Green Elites Campus Accreditation Pilot Programme in September 2014 to encourage primary school students to adopt green lifestyles from an early age. The enhanced Green Elites Campus Accreditation Programme was launched in school year 2015/16. In partnership with school bodies and green groups, the programme enables participating students and teachers to apply green tips in their daily lives with checklist, assessment criteria, education materials, visits, talks and workshops. It also features food waste audit, encouraging them not to waste food. Students are also encouraged to green actions by following the tips in the booklet (Chinese version only).


As part of the Accreditation Programme, students can register as Green Elites at, a portal that provides a platform for all primary school students in Hong Kong to learn green habits in a fun way through games and interactive content under an award scheme. More than 23,000 students from some 300 local primary schools have registered as “Green Elites” including some 8,000 students of Po Leung Kuk primary schools who acquire green knowledge through activities, visits, workshops under the Accreditation Programme.


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