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CLP is committed to promoting green education for the next generation to help nurture their environmental awareness. Over the years, CLP has launched a number of important and successful educational initiatives. They include the Green Elites Campus Accreditation Programme, which encourages students to practise green living, and the LS-energy HK e-learning Portal, the first corporate venture to provide study material for the Energy Technology and the Environment module in the senior secondary Liberal Studies programme.

We believe developing good habits and a life-long interest in learning is a core element of early childhood education. That is why we have now created the POWER YOU Kindergarten Education Kit, a novel learning tool for young children to find out about electricity with the aim of encouraging them to adopt green behaviour in their daily lives. It also uses interactive learning activities to deliver a message to young children about energy conservation and the need for environmental protection and greener lifestyles.

The POWER YOU Kindergarten Education Kit helps children explore the world of electricity in a fun and engaging way. It gives them a basic understanding about electricity, safety, power generation and the work of electrical engineers.

VIDEO: The Making of POWER YOU Kindergarten Education Kit 

Education Kit Tools

  • Text Books 

  • Worksheets

  • Finger Puppets

  • Theme Song – Please Come and Save the Earth

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  • Board Game

Teaching Aid
Board Game Manual

  • Please Come and Save the Earth Music Contest
    The Finals cum Award Presentation was successfully concluded on 12 March 2017.
    Click here for results.
  • School Visitation (Coming soon)

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