About We Love Dance 

CLP is organising a We Love Dance programme to energise the city with optimism and joy as it continues to work its way through the pandemic.

Dancing for Good Cause 

CLP Power launches different activities in the 14 districts of its supply area starting from October, encouraging people to dance, save energy, and help people in need. When people take part in dance activities, we will provide electricity subsidies to people in need through the CLP Power Connect programme, up to a maximum of HK$2 million. Beneficiaries will include:

  • the elderly; 
  • the disabled; 
  • low-income families; and 
  • tenants of subdivided units. 

The amount of subsidies is based on the number of dances completed by participants with each dance representing 5 units of electricity to be given to people in need. 

Who can join 

This programme welcomes:

  • General public: young kids, youth, students, adult, elderly, family; 
  • Non-governmental organisations (NGOs), community groups, kindergartens, primary and secondary schools, dancing schools, university dance societies; and 
  • Corporations. 

Programme Outline 

Our programme includes different elements to inspire the public to dance, they can take part in the elements they are interested in.

Click on each element to find out more information.  

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