Professional Diploma in Engineering Studies (Mechanical)

About this programme

The knowledge and skills of mechanical engineering professionals are being widely used in many industries. There is a huge demand for qualified electrical and mechanical specialists in government departments as well as among utility companies, major developers, contractors and engineering consultants. The importance of mechanical engineering expertise has grown with the emergence of new developments such as Smart City and Industry 4.0.

CLP Power Academy, VTC and the RMIT University jointly run this programme to nurture mechanical engineering professionals. Graduates can take up a variety of positions in fields such as installation, planning and management of mechanical equipment.

Academic and Professional Qualifications

Level 4 of the Qualifications Framework

Articulation path

Graduates are eligible to apply for the Bachelor of Engineering (Mechanical Engineering) (Honours) programme offered by RMIT University in collaboration with VTC and CLP Power Academy.

More information

Please refer to our programme leaflet (PDF) or VTC's programme details.

Students' Sharing

The Professional Diploma programme has enhanced my knowledge in data analytics and applications, which is of great help to me at work. The bachelor's degree programmes are also accredited by engineering institutions which give graduates an advantage in terms of academic and professional qualifications.

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