Green Elites Campus Accreditation Programme

Recognising primary schools that implement activities that promote environmental protection.

A group of students inside the Green Studio where they can play interactive games to learn green knowledge

Encouraging primary school students to adopt low-carbon lifestyles

Since its launch in 2014, more than 71,000 students and teachers from 101 schools have participated in this programme. In partnership with primary schools and green groups, this programme aims to:  

  • Promote the importance of energy saving and conservation among primary school students. 
  • Encourage students to promote low-carbon living to their families and friends. 

Together, we engage students through a series of materials and activities. Participating schools that implement environmental activities and energy saving measures and fulfil accreditation criteria are recognised as Green Elites Campus.  

Programme highlights

Teacher Manual

Energy audit, checklist and teacher’s manual

For participating schools and teachers, the programme provides:

  • Energy audit
  • Energy efficient and environmental checklist; and
  • Teacher’s manual.

As a teacher of participating school, you may download the education materials from our programme manual.

Green Elites Campus student handbook

Green Elites Campus student handbook

Encourage your students to learn and adopt low-carbon living through mini games in our student handbook. Participating students are required to complete their missions and special tasks from Nov to Dec.

Green Elites Portal

Green Elites Portal 

Visit our education portal which promotes low-carbon living to primary school students and the public.

Play fun and interactive games to learn more about how to protect our environment! 

Power Kid Channel Advanced Series

Power Kid Channel Advanced Series

This series of 3D cartoon videos aims to teach students about Hong Kong’s fuel mix, electricity generation and the smart grid in a fun and interactive way.

Primary school students experiencing the work of engineers

Visitations, green talks and workshops

Excite students through visitations, hands-on workshops and education videos. Learn and gain a better understanding on the power journey, climate change and environmental issues. 

Getting accredited as a Green Elites Campus 

Participating schools will be accredited as Green Elites Campus once they fulfil a set of criteria. To recognise selected schools for their exceptional performance in promoting environmental education on campus, the programme’s Steering Committee will award these schools with the Most Outstanding Award.

Partners of 2022/23 programme

More information

Please refer to our programme factsheet (PDF). As a participating school, you may download and refer to our Green Elites Campus Accreditation programme manual.

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