POWER YOU Kindergarten Education Kit

A comprehensive education kit for kindergarten students to explore the world of electricity, power journey and energy saving.
POWER YOU Kindergarten Education Kit with  comprehensive education tools for kindergarten students to explore the world of electricity

Sparking interest in the world of electricity 

The POWER YOU Kindergarten Education Kit was given free of charge to all around 1,000 kindergartens in Hong Kong. To date, more than 85% of kindergartens have used the kit. This has benefited around 153,000 kindergarten children.  

The kit was first launched in 2016 to inspire children to protect the environment to combat climate change and promote low-carbon living. The kit includes storybooks, games, videos and songs to:  

  • Introduce children to electricity and energy conservation;  
  • Learn more about the work of an engineer; and 
  • Teach good habits in energy efficiency. 

Explore the Kit 

This kit features POWER FOUR, a team of iconic cartoon characters. Together, Power Kid, Professor K, Lululu, and yy Boy join hands to promote low-carbon lifestyles to children through the education materials below. Click on each item to view more information or download it.  

Power Kid Channel

Our Power Kid Channel is a 3D cartoon series on electricity and energy conservation, power safety as well as decarbonisation. 

Watch all of our episodes on YouTube: 

Storybooks & Worksheets

You may download or preview our:


Teachers may use our Power Kid hand puppets and POWER FOUR finger puppets to tell stories in an interactive and fun way.

Board game

Play the board game to learn how to use and save electricity. For more information, please refer to our teaching aid and board game manual.

Outreach programmes

CLP engineer and an ambassador with kindergarten students at a visitation

The POWER YOU Kindergarten Visitation Programme is an extended activity. It enables young kids to learn basic knowledge of the power journey and energy-saving tips from our engineers and technicians. Please note that the visitation is currently conducted in Cantonese only

Power Kid Mobile App

Power Kid Mobile App for parents to teach young kids on energy saving and green living at home

The Power Kid Mobile App is an electronic version of the education kit. With 3D interface and AR elements, our fun and interactive app allows children to understand how to live a low-carbon lifestyle

Download the Power Kid Mobile app 

Teach your child about low-carbon living and environmental protection today!  

**The device is required to be compatible with full AR Core function

Contact us 

If you have any enquiries, please email [email protected]

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