Power quality tips

Learn how customers can protect their equipment from voltage dips and harmonic distortions.

How to protect customers' equipment

While it is impossible to completely avoid voltage dip, customers can minimise its impact by:

  • Installing a true on-line type Uninterruptible Power Supply; or
  • Installing equipment with “ride-through” capabilities.  

True on-line type Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)

UPS devices provide continuous and conditioned power to equipment. It is not affected by voltage fluctuation, voltage dip or loss from input power.

When choosing a UPS, think about the:

  • Type and size of power load involved; 
  • Level of efficiency required;
  • Amount of noise and heat the UPS generates; and
  • Harmonic generation from the UPS meets the corresponding requirements. 

Customers may need to consider several other technical specifications when choosing a UPS. Speak to customers' equipment supplier or consultant for more advices.

More information

Customers may join our Power Quality Workshops. Customers may also refer to the following resources: 

How to suppress harmonics

To suppress harmonics, customers may install a harmonic filter. Harmonic filters can also help customers to reduce power demand by improving the power factor. 

Refer to the table below for more information on harmonic filter types: 

Filter Type
Auxiliary Power

Passive filter

Not required

Suitable for equipment that generate constant harmonics.

Active filter


Suitable for equipment with dynamic harmonic distortions.

More information

Customers may join our Power Quality Workshops. Customers may also refer to our Power Quality Handbook for Your Facilities (PDF).

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