Customise your bill (Residential)

Tailor your electricity bill to your home's needs and preferences through our free services.

Customise your bill based on your needs and preferences:

Your preference
Our service

Receive your electricity bill via email

Receive a single bill for 5 or more electricity accounts.

Change bill language to Chinese or English.

Receive a braille bill

Sign up for eBill to manage your electricity bill in a fast, efficient and environmentally friendly way. Understand more about eBill.

Who should apply

Our group bill service is specifically created for customers with 5 or more electricity accounts.


By combining all of your bills into a single bill, you can:

  • Get a better picture of your overall electricity consumption.
  • Save time and effort by settling all of your bills on a single date.
  • Choose a billing date that suits your needs.
  • Conveniently access your bills through email.

We may project your bill if there are gaps between your meter reading date and new billing date. If you paid more than required for your projected bill, you can use the difference to pay for your next bill.

How to apply

You may complete the Group Billing Service Application Form (PDF), and return to us by the following method:

  • Mailing to Customer Care Team, CLP Power Hong Kong Limited, 13/F, Shatin Centre, 6 On Lai Street, Shatin, N.T, Hong Kong; or

  • Returning to any of our Customer Service Centre during office hours.

How to change

1. Log in to the CLP app.

2. Click 'Profile'.

3. Click 'Personal Information'.

4. Click ‘Edit’ to choose your preferred 'Bill Language'.

Who should apply

Our braille bill service is specifically created for visually impaired customers, available in both English and Chinese.

How to apply

To apply for a braille bill in Chinese or English, please call our customer service hotline. Or, visit any of our Customer Service Centres.


Please use the standard paper bill included with your braille bill when making payment.

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