Apply for account closure (Residential)

All account termination and deposit refund procedures can be processed via CLP website. Simply choose termination date, refund method and final bill delivery method and it's done. Apply at least 3 working days before your preferred termination date to ensure a smooth account closure.


You can link your electricity account to Domeo and login Domeo to view the point information and redeem (if applicable), otherwise, the points will be forfeited on the move-out effective date.

If your old premise has an online account, you are suggested to log in to apply for move out in 4 easy steps: 


After the application, you can check the termination status anytime:

Alternatively, you can submit online form for closing your account.

What happens next

Final bill and deposit refund

You should receive your final bill about 5 working days after your termination date. 

After you receive your final bill, you should receive your deposit refund within 5 working days. We will send your deposit refund through your preferred method (e.g. cheque or electronic funds transfer).


If you require additional assistance, please contact us via an online form. We will respond as soon as possible.

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