Final bill and deposit refund (Residential)

Find out when you will receive your home’s final bill. Understand our deposit refund process and interest rates.

Receiving your final bill

If you...
That means...

You should receive your final bill about 5 working days after your deactivation date. 


We will ask for your preferred channel (e.g. email or mail) when you apply for account closure.


Check your application status.

Received a final bill even though you did not apply for account closure

Your electricity account was closed because someone opened an account at your supply address. 


If you have any queries about the account closure, please contact us.

Deposit refund and interest

By default, we will use your security deposit to pay for your final bill. Please refer to the table below for more information.

If you...
And your deposit was...
  • Not enough: You may settle the outstanding amount through your preferred payment method.
  • More than enough: We will automatically refund your remaining deposit within 5 working days of your final bill. You may indicate your preferred refund method when you apply for account closure (e.g. cheque or electronic funds transfer).

Received a final bill even though you did not apply for account closure

We pay annual interest on your deposit. Every year, we credit your deposit interest to your first bill after 30 June. You cannot collect further interest on your deposit once your account is closed.

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