Book an electrical installation inspection (Residential)

An inspection is required if your home requires a new electricity supply, reconnection of electricity or change of load.

Who should book

You must book an electrical installation inspection if you are applying for:

  • New electricity supply (e.g. new property without meter or electricity supply);
  • Reconnection of electricity supply; or
  • Change of load

The inspection determines if your electrical installation is safe for electricity supply.

When to book

Once you have the estimated completion date for your installation work. Before the date of installation inspection,

  1. Your electrical installation should have already been completed.
  2. You should ensure the correctness of your supply address and applied electricity demand (Single Phase or 3-Phase).

How to book

You can book an appointment through the following channels:

Booking channels
How to book


Call 2678 7280 during office hours (9am to 6pm daily, except Sundays and public holidays).

During the inspection

  1. Your registered electrical worker (REW) should be on-site.
  2. You should also provide a copy of the Work Completion Certificate (WR1) issued by your REW. 
  3. You should ensure your new meter location could be safely accessed.

If your installation inspection is satisfactory, your electricity supply should be connected immediately. If your inspection is unsatisfactory, please rectify based on the inspection result and book an appointment again.

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