Annual Saving Reward

Earn up to 80,000 Eco Points by saving electricity. To qualify, your annual consumption must be lower than the previous year.

About the Annual Saving Reward 

This programme encourages you and your family to save electricity all year round. Once you join Power Connect, you can automatically participate in the Annual Saving Reward. You do not need to apply to participate in this programme.  


You can check 2021 result here

Top 100

Top 101 - 1,000



To qualify for this programme, you must: 

  • Join Power Connect; 
  • Not be a CLP Power Staff;
  • Have a valid electricity account number; and
  • Have at least 1 year of electricity usage.


Your benefits depend on which category you fall under:


Top 1-100 households with the highest percentage of energy savings

80,000 Eco Points

Top 101-1,000 households with the highest percentage of energy 

500 Eco Points

How to earn

  • The period is calculated yearly on 1 January to 31 December and the electricity consumption by each household within this year will be compared to their consumption last year (compared by average daily electricity consumption unit). 
  • For all qualified participants of reducing energy consumption, top 1 to 100 households with the highest percentage of energy saving will be awarded 80,000 Eco points while top 101 to 1,000 households with the highest percentage of energy saving will be awarded 500 Eco Points.

Your consumption must be based on a continuous and normal situation. Based on past data analysis, the general consumption in a continuous and normal situation is more than 60kWh. This means that you may not participate if your average consumption is 60kWh or less.

More information

Please refer to our Power Connect Terms and Conditions.

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