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Recycle & Earn

Participate in "Recycle & Earn " and you have the opportunity to receive the following benefits:

- New customers will enjoy a one-time 20% off on their first order with using belows promo code:

Single Recycle Monthly Plan:  ZEB2GC

One-time Recycle Plan: U9VO32

- Fill out the e-form to earn 250 Domeo points

-[Special Promotion] During the limited-time promotional period #, customers who complete their order services will receive a complimentary " GrandaZ Smart Stainless Steel Temperature Measuring Vacuum Bottle " (valued at HKD $298). The Bottle will be delivered to your doorstep through The Loops' home delivery service.

# The limited-time promotional period is from May 16, 2024, to June 16, 2024.

The above offer is subject to terms and conditions.

Get the 20% off promo code

Want to Earn Domeo point while enjoying door-to-door recycling services?The Recycle and Earn tailored for you!

Starting from March 1 2024, CLP collaborate with social enterprise "The Loops"  to launch "Recycle and Earn", where Domeo members can enjoy multiple benefits and rewards with Domeo points! CLP residential customers can choose among the "Standard Recycling Monthly Plan" or the "One-time Recycling Plan" based on their waste volume and frequency. 

New customers* who subscribe the service will enjoy the following benefits:

- For subscribing "Standard Recycling Monthly Plan" on first month service fee, will receive 20% off

- For first purchase of "One-time Recycling Plan" will receive 20% off

- After subscribed the "Standard Recycling Monthly Plan" or the "One-time Recycling Plan", a confirmation email will be sent with an e-form to earn Domeo points (or click here). After filling out and submitting the form, 250 Domeo points will be awarded within 5-6 weeks. For information on service area and categories of recycling, please refer to The Loops website and app.


*New customer refers to those customers who have never subscribe to The Loops services before

**Click here to check The Loops service area

The Loops step

1. Go to The Loops App purchase “Standard Recycling Monthly Plan” or  “One-time Recycling Plan” , fill in the personal information.

2.  Click here to get the promo code and insert the promo code to get 20% off!


3. A confirmation email will be sent after successfully purchasing the service. Fill in the e-form in the email.

4. You will receive 250 Domeo points within 5-6 weeks.

Q: What is the background of The Loops?
A: The Loops is a social enterprise that provides door-to-door waste recycling services. It primarily employs low-income women in their residential areas to carry out recycling work. After collecting the waste, The Loops sorts the materials and can recycle up to 90% of common household waste, including potato chip bags, wood, and aluminum cans.

Q: How can I get the first-time 20%off discount on my order?
A: When ordering through The Loops app, enter the promo code to enjoy the first-time 20%off discount. CLP has already issued the 20%off discount promo code to selected customers. If you want to order at the discounted price, click here to get the promo code. 

Q: Should I choose the "Standard Recycling Monthly Plan" or the "One-time Recycling Plan"?
A: "Standard Recycling Monthly Plan": You only need to pay $128 per month, and The Loops will send their staff for weekly scheduled collection. Please note that you need to check The Loops app to see if your housing estate/building is within the service area
"One-time Recycling Plan": It allows you to have one-time recycling anywhere in Hong Kong, and it is suitable for parties or events where the recycling volume is larger (200L)

Q: How can I know if my residence is within the service area?
A: When ordering the "Standard Recycling Monthly Plan" through The Loops app, you will be asked to enter your residential address, and you will be able to find out if your residence is within the service area

Q: What do I need to do to receive 250 Domeo points?
A: Simply order the "Standard Recycling Monthly Plan" or the "One-time Recycling Plan," fill out the Domeo Point earn e-form , and within 5-6 weeks, we will credit 250 Domeo points to your Domeo account.


Q: When will I receive the 250 Domeo points?
A: After you place your order and receive the e-form, fill it out and submit it. You will receive 250 Domeo points within 5-6 weeks.

Q: When filling out the e-form, it asks for a "account number." Where can I find that?



Q: I want to know more about The Loops. Where can I find detailed information?
A: Please refer to The Loops website and app for more information

Terms and conditions apply



Q: New customers can enjoy a 20%off discount on the first order on “Standard Recycling Monthly Plan” and “One-time Recycling Plan” at the same time?

A: New customers can enjoy a 20%off discount on the first order on “Standard Recycling Monthly Plan” and “One-time Recycling Plan” at the same time. Please note that you must use the discount codes for exclusive services separately.



Please refer to our Recycle & Earn terms and conditions

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