Earn Eco Points

Find out how you can earn Eco Points and fabulous rewards through Power Connect. 

What are Eco Points

  • Eco Points are award points that you can use to redeem rewards. 
  • All Eco Points will be valid for 2 years, commencing from the date which the first Eco Point is received and all Eco Points should be used before the expiry date. After the expiry date, all points of each CLP account will resume to zero without further notification, no restoration or extensions will be allowed.
  • The validity period of Eco Points could be found on “Domeo” website or CLP website and CLP Power Mobile App.

How to check Eco Points

To check your Eco Points, you can log in to your CLP account through: 

You can check your Eco Points through the top right-hand corner of the home page.

You can also click on “View points history” to view your: 

  • Points gaining record; and
  • Redemption record.

How to earn Eco Points and rewards 

Strategies to earn Eco-points
Eco Points Earned

Bi-monthly Saving
(Home energy consumption is lower compared with the same period in the previous year.) 

200 points per bill

Annual Saving
(Electricity consumption by each household within this year will be compared with last year)

For all qualified participants of reducing energy consumption, top 1 to 100 households with the highest percentage of energy saving will be awarded 80,000 Eco points while top 101 to 1,000 households with the highest percentage of energy saving will be awarded 500 Eco Points.

Summer Saving Reward

(Electricity consumption during 1 July – 31 August must be lower than the same period last year.) 

The top 200 households with the highest percentage of energy saving will be awarded 50,000 Eco Points.

Strategies to earn Eco-points
Eco Points Earned

Support Social Enterprise
During the promotion period from now till 30th June 2023, you will be rewarded with 500 Eco Points for every single purchase of HK$50 or above in total, than you can get a maximum of 2,500 Eco Points per month.

Max. 2,500 points per month

Eco Points Earned

Apply Electricity and Name Transfer service online only.

500 points once

Join "Eco Fun" mini game.

250 points per plant

Goal Low Carbon offers
Eco Points Earned

First-time login in and bind CLP online account

500 points once

Subscribe eBill Notification

500 points once

Per eBill Notification you received

100 points per bill

Beside Eco Points listed above, you can earn more rewards with our new Goal Low Carbon Programme

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