Mass Rollout of Smart Meters

From 2018 to 2025, we will install smart energy meters for all of our customers. Find out when yours will be installed.

Check Your Installation Date 


If you cannot find your district or sub-district, please refer to our rollout document (PDF) instead.

Installation Process

Smart meter replacement card sample. The card indicates the affected building and scheduled date and time of the meter replacement.

Before Installation 

We will notify your property management office of the time and date of your smart meter installation, and place a notice in your lift lobby three working days before installation. If you live in a building or village house without a management office, we will notify you with a notice card in your mailbox.


To reschedule installation or find out more information, call the number on the poster or notice card, or contact the management office of your property.

During Installation

Before your old meter is replaced, contract staff will take a final reading for reference.

Your electricity supply will be suspended for around 15 to 30 minutes while the meter is being replaced. We will ring your doorbell or knock on your door to notify you before your electricity supply is suspended. Unless we receive your objection in advance, or on the day of installation, your meter will be replaced as scheduled.


To minimise the impact of the suspension and restoration of your electricity supply, please turn off the mains switch and any electrical appliances in your property during the replacement period (for example, medical devices, audio visual equipment, computers, internet telephones, aquarium equipment, and security systems etc).

Consumption history screen. Sample screen from the CLP app, which shows the hourly view of a user's consumption data.

After Installation 

Your newly-installed smart meter will go through a series of tests. We will inform you by email or by post once your smart meter is confirmed as meeting our required standards, and you will then be able to view your hourly consumption for the past 90 days (up to as recently as 4 hours ago) by using the CLP Mobile App.

  1. As data transmission depends on the telecom service provider's internet connectivity and network coverage, hourly consumption data may not be immediately available.

  2. Customer should avoid turning off the pre-meter switch to ensure receiving CLP’s power supply and relevant services as normal, including the remote meter reading function. If actual meter readings are not available due to meter switch turned off during the billing period, CLP may make estimation of the electricity bill amount.

Contact Us 

For more details, please call 2678 0633 (service hours: 9am to 6pm, Monday to Friday, except public holidays).

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