3 major reasons to buy a reverse cycle air conditioner

Hong Kong’s weather has become fairly unpredictable in recent years. Have you ever debated if you should pack up appliances like heater during seasonal change? In fact, it is worth investing in a year-round reverse cycle air-conditioner while considering buying a new air-conditioner, for a less costly yet more cozy life. Here are your reasons:

1. Keep year-round comfort while taking up less space at home

General air-conditioners could only cool air, where RCACs can both cool and warm air. In addition to the duo-function, it also leaves you with more space for storing other domestic appliances.

2. Environmental friendly and cost saving

While a reverse cycle air-conditioner could be slightly more expensive than a normal air-conditioner (subject to the function and type of air-conditioners), the former could save 50% of the electricity cost, more than that of a heater with the same wattage. What a good deal in the long run!

3. Safe and convenient to the family

RCACs ensure an even distribution of warm air in your home, providing warmth to the whole family, whereas conventional heaters could only warm up limited area. Extra attention is needed while using conventional heater to prevent accidental burns on children or elderly stumbling by the cables.

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