Stir-fry the authentic Asian way with an Induction Cooker

More than just making hotpot, Induction Cooker can do it better, more than what you imagined. It can create the SAME convergence of heat and fragrance from wok cooking on a flame! Follow these 4 tips for picking the right Induction Cooker!

1. Power consumption - walts matter!

In general, an 1800 walt (W) Induction Cooker is enough for hotpot. If you look for Chinese-style wok frying standard, consider an Induction Cooker with 2000W power or above!

2. Number of zones depends on your family size

For a small family that serves 2 to 4 members with 3 dishes and one soup daily, a twin-zones design at 2000W or above fits. For a bigger family, a multi-zones Induction Cooker that supports 3000W or above should be be considered. With higher flexibility, two single zone cookers will be more cost effective!

3. Achieve optimal heating power: hob size should be larger than the bottom of the pan

For better heat conduction , diameter of the hob should be larger than the cookware’s. Fitting cookware in all kinds of shapes and sizes, a free zone Induction Cooker will be an option. Cookware can then enjoy a full contact of heat at any part of the cooktop flexibly.

4. Special function tailored for the rookie cooks and kids

Induction Cooker equipped with automatic power-off feature can avoid overheating. This function also applies when you take away the cookware from the heating panel . If you have kids, children safety lock function becomes vital. A certain Induction Cooker models even set a residual heat indicator to avoid accidents.

Buying and Installation Guide

  • Check the power supply at your home and make sure independent power socket is accessible before making a purchase
  • Double-zones Induction Cookers fit standard family size and multi-zones ones for bigger family
  • Model at 2000W is good enough for Chinese-style wok fried dishes
  • For models of 2800W or below: Use independent 13A electric socket (a standard household socket). Just plug the cooker into the socket, then, it is ready for use
  • For models above 2800W: The power supply must come from a fixed installation with higher power output
  • Consider different functions based on your needs: residual heat indicator, safety lock, heat adjustment control, power sharing function and timer, etc.


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