Master the organising skills and turn the 300 sq ft compact homes to boutique homes

Given Hong Kongers often enjoy limited living spaces, it is very crucial to master the organising skills to turn the small space around!

Technique 1: Set a deadline for “junks”

Most of us keep a lot of clothes, some of which are even unworn. According to a research done by environmental organization, Hong Kong women have 109 pieces of clothes on average, among which 20 pieces are not to be worn again. Hong Kong men also have 77 pieces on average, with 10 pieces not to be worn for a second time. A housekeeping expert once stressed that we need to master “Danshari” – a notion about refusal of items not to be used again, disposal of unnecessary items and the separation from desire of items. In order to reduce impulse shopping, we need to ask ourselves the question “Do I really need this?”.

We could ask ourselves the following questions: “Do these clothes fit? Will I wear them for the second time?” Set a timeframe and throw away the items, which have not been used and worn within the set timeframe. Do not hesitate to throw away expired items, especially cosmetic products.

Technique 2: The law of 7-5-1

Divide your home into three space, namely “Space that cannot be seen”, “Space that can be seen” and “Decorative space”. How should we divide these three areas? You may refer to the graph below:

Technique 3: Trichotomy

Categorise items into three categories and divide the room into three main areas to store difference items. Keep similar items together and arrange items according to the frequency of your own usage. Let us use bedroom as an illustration in the below graph:

Do not want your home to stay messy anymore? Spend your coming weekend to tidy it up!

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