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CLP Power Academy aims to become a world-class professional training institution, providing high quality and vocational-based training that integrates theory and practice. The academy offers a diverse range of connected part-time accredited programmes which provide professional and academic qualifications for people who wish to pursue a career in the power industry.

Vice Chancellor's Message

Connecting with Young People  Supporting their Career Development

Ir Chris Cheung
Ir Chris Cheung

Electricity is an indispensable part of modern life. Electrical and Mechanical (E&M) professionals play a vital role in maintaining the safe and reliable power supply we depend upon.  

With Hong Kong's rapid growth and a host of large-scale infrastructure developments planned for the coming decades, there is an increasing demand for skilled E&M professionals. In response to that demand, CLP Power Hong Kong Limited set up the CLP Power Academy in 2017. 

CLP Power Academy is committed to nurturing young people and working adults by providing a pathway for their upward progression in the power and E&M engineering industries through a wide range of connected professional programmes. The power industry also benefits from having an adequate supply of competent E&M professionals, and as a result our graduates have the opportunities to realise their potential and achieve their career progression targets. 

Students' sharing in the video

"I found new opportunities at CLP Power Academy to further my studies and get professional qualifications."

Lee Yan Ho

"I learnt a lot from the lectures, and could benefit even more from practical training sessions." 

Rai Ajita

"I can keep on studying while keep moving up the career pathway at my own pace. I see lots of opportunities for my career development in the future." 

Leung Siu Chung

About us

CLP Power Academy's inaugural ceremony


To be the leading vocational-based academy for power engineering, bridging the gap between career training and higher education and providing students with the necessary professional and academic qualifications. 


  • To provide an alternative for school leavers and working adults to pursue professional knowledge in power engineering to enhance their career prospects and professional standing. 
  • To develop and ensure an adequate supply of competent engineering employees for the local power industry. 
  • To establish partnerships between the industry and academic and professional institutions to promote excellence in the engineering profession together. 

CLP Power Academy and VPET

The Hong Kong SAR Government is committed to promoting Vocational and Professional Education and Training (VPET) and has stressed its significance and pivotal role. CLP Power Academy goes beyond the traditional academic education framework. It provides a pathway for upward progression with a flexible learning approach, so that students can learn practical skills and professional knowledge while gaining academic accreditation and professional qualifications for their career development in electrical and mechanical engineering.

Continuous Career Development (CLP Power as case study)

CLP Power Academy provides students with professional qualifications, academic accreditation, and a clear career development pathway.

CLP Power Academy at A Glance

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If you have any enquiries, please call 2678 0611 or email [email protected].

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Please refer to CLP Power Academy brochure (PDF).

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