Diploma in Power Installation

About this programme

This programme aims to provide a study path for REW A holder who qualified to fulfil the academic requirements for registration as REW A and equip them with the general skills and necessary knowledge to take up supervisory duties or more senior roles in real-life work situations involving electrical installation.

Academic and Professional Qualifications

  • Level 3 of the Qualifications Framework
  • Completion of the programme is regarded as meeting the (c)(i) qualification for Grade B Registered Electrical Workers by the Electrical and Mechanical Services Department

More information

Please refer to our programme leaflet (PDF) or VTC's programme details.

Students' Sharing

As a Professional diploma graduate, I have already obtained REW H academic qualification. This year I continue my study for the new Diploma in Power Installation programme co-organised by the CLP Power Academy and VTC. I can register as REW B and REW H upon graduation. It provides more opportunities and enhances my career prospects.

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