Professional Diploma in Power Engineering

(Power Systems Stream / Power Plants Stream)

About this programme

The programme provides advanced knowledge in power engineering, for industry practitioners with at least two years experience in power-related work to enhance their professional knowledge. The programme allows students to obtain three professional qualifications in just one year.

The programme covers two main streams:

Power Systems Stream

This covers design, installation, testing and commissioning, operation and maintenance of transmission and distribution equipment.

Power Plants Stream

This provides basic and practical knowledge about major electrical and mechanical equipment in power plants, including process control and instrumentation, engineering materials and process chemistry.

Academic and Professional Qualifications

  • Level 4 of the Qualifications Framework
  • Graduates may register as Grade H Registered Electrical Worker (REW)*
  • Graduates are eligible to register as Competent Person under CLP Power Safety Rules

* Only applies to students who have already registered as Grade B or Grade C Registered Electrical Workers.

Students' Sharing

My main objective in studying the Professional Diploma programme was to obtain the REW Grade H certificate. I have achieved my target and the qualification helps me tremendously at work, where I am now authorised to issue high voltage engineering certificates.

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