Welcome to CLP!

Create your CLP online account to experience a range of smart services, including instant access to bills and payments, setting up power usage and billing tips, and efficiently taking care of family or work matters by linking accounts.

If your previous CLP account has completed binding before, you can follow the below methods to manage your newly created account:

  • If you wish to use the same communication method as in your previous account to manage the new account (e.g. the same mobile phone number or the same email), during your next login, you will be prompted to use your existing login information to manage the new account. Your existing login credentials (mobile number, email login, login name and password), eBill settings and contact email address will then be automatically transferred to your new electricity account.
  • You can bind your new account by other means of communication. For example, if your previous online account was bound by email, your new account can be bound by another email or mobile phone, Facebook, WeChat account, iAM Smart account or Apple ID;
  • If your previous online account is bound with a third-party authentication (such as a Facebook, WeChat , iAM Smart or Apple ID account) and you want the new account to be bound in the same way, please unbind it and then bind the new account. For details, you may refer to the following steps to cancel the online binding function:

1. Log in to your online account through the CLP Power Mobile App or web app. 

2. Click "Profile".

3. Click "Personal Information".

4. Click "Unbind my account" to unbind all channels in one go.

If you have not created a CLP online account, please follow this guideline to register and bind the account.

You may submit an eForm or reach us through our customer service hotline or customer service centre if you have any questions. If you use our eForm, please select “CLP App, Online Service and eBill".

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