Set up an online account

How to register your CLP online account and bind it with your mobile number, email or social media.

Benefits of setting up an online account

With an online account, you can access exclusive content and services. You can use the CLP Power Mobile App or log in to our website to manage your electricity account easily.  

How to set up an online account

Step 1                                                    Log in to your CLP Power Mobile App or website, click ‘Log in’ and select mobile / email, or other sign-in options (Facebook, WeChat account, iAM Smart or Apple ID).

Step 2                                              Enter the One-time password (OTP) sent to you by SMS or email if it is what you have just chosen.

Step 3                                                      To bind your account, follow on-screen instructions and input your account information (including: CLP account number or HKID number and registered customer name), together with the answer of a random question.

More information

You may bind your online account to your mobile number, email, Facebook, WeChat, iAM Smart or Apple ID.

Once you bind your account, you do not need to bind your account again. You also do not need to use your password to log in. If you do not wish to bind your account, you may also use your login ID and password to log in directly.

How to bind your account

If you...

Have an existing online account...

  1. Click “Yes” when asked “Do you have an existing electricity account?”
  2. Enter your login name and password

Forgot your online account details or do not have an existing online account...

  1. Click “No” when asked “Do you have an existing electricity account?”
  2. Enter your CLP electricity account number or verified HKID number* and your account’s registered customer name. 


* A copy of your HKID card has to be submitted for verification purpose. 



If you have more than one electricity account, please note that you can only bind one mobile number to one CLP online account. We suggest binding your second CLP account to your email, Facebook, WeChat account, iAM Smart or Apple ID instead.

Commonly asked questions

If you encounter problems when you enter your...

Hong Kong ID (HKID)

  • Ensure that you have included all the letters and numbers, but not the brackets (e.g. A1234567).
  • If your HKID has not been verified by CLP, please use our Form to submit a copy of your HKID. On the eForm, please select "CLP App, Online Service and eBill".


Ensure that you have entered the same name as your electricity account’s registered customer name. 

If you need help, please submit an eForm. Select "CLP App, Online Service and eBill" on the eForm. Or, you may call our customer service hotline.

1. Log in to your online account through the CLP Power Mobile App or web app. 

2. Click "Profile".

3. Click "Personal Information".

4. Click "Unbind my account" to unbind all channels in one go.

If you encounter errors when you log in, please refer to our guide on logging in to your online account. For more information, please refer to our CLP Power Mobile App page.

You may submit an eForm or call our customer service hotline if you have any questions. If you use our eForm, please select “CLP App, Online Service and eBill".

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