Preparing for and dealing with power outages

You can report power outages or emergency incidents by calling our 24-hour Emergency Service Hotline 2728 8333 or submitting an eForm. For a quicker response, residents of public housing estates are advised to call the Housing Department's Hotline on 2761 5555.

What causes power outages

We strive to provide reliable and safe electricity all the time. However, unavoidable factors such as adverse weather, third-party-induced damage, and equipment failure may cause power outages. These factors may also cause occasional voltage dips and temporary interruptions to your electricity supply.

Preparing for power outages

Power outages may happen more frequently during typhoon season. You can prepare for typhoons and power outages by:

  • Preparing a flashlight for emergency lighting;
  • Stocking up on emergency supplies such as food, water and medicine;
  • Moving electrical appliances to a safe place to avoid water damage;
  • Turning off your air conditioners during strong winds; and
  • Checking lifts and carrying out improvement work as needed.

Dealing with power outages

If there is any life-support electrical equipment on your property, contact the nearest hospital or call 999 immediately. In the event of a typhoon: 

  • Stay away from damaged equipment;
  • Unplug electrical appliances and switch off the main power before leaving.
What to do

Stay calm and use your mobile phone or a flashlight for lighting

  • Do not use a candle for lighting as it may cause a fire.
  • Keep a light switched on, so you know when the electricity comes back on.

Check if other units have also been affected

If other units have:

  • Been affected, call your management office to find out if the main switch has tripped or if the power supply has been interrupted. 
  • Not been affected, check if the main switch or circuit breaker has tripped. Call your management office if applicable.

Report outages to us

You may contact us by:

Check the power supply status

  • Call 2728 8333 to check your power supply status. We will work to restore electricity as soon as possible. However, maintenance may take longer if the damage is severe or the roads are blocked.
  • If you have a smart meter, you may receive alerts about power outages through the CLP Power Mobile App, SMS or email. These alerts apply to supply network issues only.


Tip: Please login CLP Power Mobile App and select "Notification Settings" in Profile page. You can choose to receive notifications via CLP app notifications, SMS or email.

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