Eco Fun mini game

Learn how to deepen your understanding of energy-saving and community care through our "Eco Fun" mini game, while earning Eco Points to redeem for fabulous rewards. Participate now for 18 consecutive days and earn up to 250 Eco Points!

What is Eco Fun

To call on your support to save energy, we launched a mini game called Eco Fun! Through this mini game, you can: 

  • Earn Eco Points to redeem fabulous rewards; and
  • Gain more knowledge on energy saving, community care and environmental protection.


You can earn up to 250 Eco Points by taking part in the game for 18 consecutive days.

How to earn Eco Points

1. Log in to the CLP Power Mobile App.

2. Click on “Eco Fun”.

3. Complete tasks and quizzes to earn up to 11 Eco Points every day.

4. Take part in the game for 18 consecutive days to earn up to 250 Eco Points.

How to claim Eco Points

The Eco Points displayed in the game interface are only applicable to the current plant and the actual Eco Points will be credited to your CLP Eco Rewards Platform immediately. 

More information

Please visit our Terms and Conditions.

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