Bi-monthly Saving Reward

Earn 200 Eco Points by saving electricity. To qualify, you must use less energy compared to the same billing period last year.

Power Connect: Save and Earn

About the Bi-monthly Saving Reward 

This programme encourages you and your family to save electricity all year round. Once you join Power Connect, you can automatically participate in the Bi-Monthly Saving Reward.


To qualify for this programme, you must: 

  • Join Power Connect; 
  • Not be a CLP Power Staff;
  • Have a valid electricity account number; and
  • Have at least 1 year of electricity usage. 


You can earn 200 Eco Points per bill if you successfully saved energy.

How to earn Eco Points

  • The period is based on the 2 months period of each bill, electricity consumed by each household during that 2 months in the current year will be compared to that consumed by the same household during the same 2 months in last year (compare by average daily electricity consumption unit). 
  • For example, the electricity bill of March-April 2020 compares to that of March-April 2019. The calculation will start right after the activation (counting by the billing date). When participants successfully saved consumption, 200 Eco Points will be awarded.

More information

Please refer to our Power Connect Terms and Conditions.

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