Apply for grid connection

Find out how to connect your renewable systems to the CLP Power Grid. 

For details and application form of Feed-in Tariff scheme, please refer to our Feed-in Tariff webpage.  

We support customers who are keen on installing small renewable energy systems in their properties by providing technical advice and assisting them to connect such systems to CLP’s power grid for back-up supply. To ensure a safe power supply, we can provide an assessment mechanism to ensure proper handling of technical procedures and testing. 

Connecting Renewable Energy to CLP Grid 

CLP will provide technical support and assistance throughout the process. 

  1. Customer completes an application form. (Application details) 
  2. Renewable energy device installed by customer. 
  3. CLP will arrange site visit testing with the customer. Grid Connection Agreement will be prepared. 
  4. Upon signing the agreement, the renewable energy device will be connected to CLP electricity grid. 
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