CLP Mobile App: A New Level of Mobile Convenience with a One-stop Service

Check Bills and Make Payments

Check bills with history up to 14 months and manage multiple electricity accounts at the same time. Settle payments instantly through registered PPS accounts or with provided QR code.

Demo Video (in Chinese): Check Bills & Payment AlertBill PaymentAccount Association

5-min Move in

Apply new electricity accounts within 5 minutes by uploading the required data and documents.

Save Energy and Enjoy Exciting Rewards

Get fabulous gifts with earned Eco points by saving energy and participating in the Eco Rewards scheme.

Demo Video (in Chinese): Eco Reward Tips

Special Offer on Home Essentials

Buy smart gadgets and energy efficient home appliances at a discount from our online shopping platform- Smart Shopping!

Demo Video (in Chinese): Smart Shopping Tips

Electric Vehicle Chargers Status

Locate the nearest charging station of electric vehicles anytime.

Energy Saving Tips

Learn from our energy saving tips to embrace greener lifestyles.


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